Jeff Norton

Off the Map NW

April 19, 2014

Just getting home and unpacking from an amazing and inspiring week up at Off the Map Tattoo Northwest. As expected, I'm returning home with a whole new ambition and fire for my craft. Before heading up each time, I always get a nervousness in my stomach of what I'm going to do and experience there and its always more then I can imagine or hope for. I'm only into my first year at guesting at both the Off the Map locations, and before my first guest spot, Off the Map was some sort of dream paradise I never thought I would be apart of. Saying that, I'm forever grateful to the staff and artists that let me come and be apart of their grand scheme of things a few weeks out of the year.


I unfortunately don't have a picture to show you of the first piece I did up at Off the Map, so I figured I would at least post the sketch for you guys, which really doesnt do the tattoo justice (to see a video of it head over to my instram @jeffnortontattoo). This was my renidition of Mother Nature and actually went on Grady,  one of the first people I ever tattooed up at Off the Map back in October. Grady had previously gotten a portait of a wolf on his upper arm from me and on this trip we got a little closer to finishing his sleeve with this piece.

Thank you Rob for the awesome idea of a red tail hawk and letting me do it for you!

And will never get tired of creating a portrait for awesome clients and hearing the stories behind them


Was really happy to end my stay with this piece. BJ had conacted me wanting a piece that represented overcoming obstacles and personal strength, and I immeaditily thought of a tiger. He was super open to the style and how big we did it, and I was honored to do this for his first tattoo. Thanks for all your trust  BJ.

Lastly, I am honored to say that I am finally the owner of this beautiful piece. My first time up at Off the Map over a year ago, Kate&I layed eyes on this painting. Circumstances and such and prevented us from getting it immeaditly but Im happy to say it is now a forever part of our collection. Thank you again Nic, you are an incredible artist.

Thank you again to everyone at Off the Map for  always being so hospitable to Kate and I during our stays. And a huge thanks to everyone that got tattooed while I was there! I will be returning July 27-August 2nd,....Off the Map can be contacted for scheduling appointments, or you cand send me a message here through my website.  Until next time...